Good Laptops for Lectures

3After finishing high school or vocational school then proceed to the world of lectures. If it is a college course requires a computer or laptop to support the task. Because, if not your own confused, even if the cafe will require more money again.

Instead, you’re looking for a good laptop for college at an affordable price of less than 5 millions. It is not impossible to get high-specification laptop cheap, especially can help the tasks of college. If still confused to buy what kind of laptop and the specifications how, better refer to the following reviews!

This is the “harga Laptop” is Good for Lecture Price under 5 Million

Lenovo Ideapad 100-14IBD

If you have money around Rp 5 millions you can choose Lenovo Ideapad 100-14IBD Laptop. This laptop has 2 GB RAM specification with 500 GB hard disk. While using VGAnya profram Nvidia GT920 2Gb equipped with 14-inch screen. This laptop is quite capable for graphic design activities, typing until playing games. For the processor using Intel Core i3 series Broadwell that maximize computing activities.

Asus x550DP-XX181D

A good laptop for the next lecture there is the Asus x550DP-XX181 brand, the processor using AMD Richland series means that the maximum performance. Suitable for you who like to play games. So you can do class assignments and play games in your spare time. RAM capacity of 2 GB DDR3 with Hard Disk of 500 GB. For the price of about Rp 4.9 million.

HP Pavilion 14-AC004TX

Other devices from HP Pavilione 14-AC004TX, has a kitchen runway Intel Core i3 Haswell plus VGA AMD series 5. Of performance no doubt if for graphic design and lecture. External VGA from AMD is well known for its sophistication in providing the best multimedia. You can watch videos or movies with satisfaction and of course this laptop power-saving.

HP 15-AF109AX

Another form of HP by removing another great laptop for college is the HP 15-AF109AX. Carrying processor AMD APU A8 equipped VGA R5 and RAM capacity of 4 GB. Of course can make you more satisfied good activity that typing, doing graphic design to play game. Multimedianya was no doubt, just by reaching around Rp 4.9 millions of money you can bring it to campus.

Lenovo G40-45 63ID

Next there is the Lenovo G40-45 63ID which offers affordable price, but the quality is qualified. This laptop runs with AMD A8 and VGA R5 2GB, and given 4 GB of RAM. So that it can meet all your activities on campus or for entertainment alone. Do not be afraid of the price because it is offered worth Rp 4.3 millions.